The Henry Stickmin Collection 2

Online games about Henry Stickmin were released from 2008 to 2015, so it is possible that you are already familiar with them. Even so, you should definitely note that this collection is not just a remaster with improved (and even reworked) graphics and sound. The second part is an anthology of all five episodes that have already seen the light, naturally and harmoniously complemented by the sixth one, with the self-explanatory title Complete the Mission.

And this is not just another episode among others. Complete the Mission is, in fact, a transformer game, the direction of the story in which you can set, combining in all possible options the endings of the two previous episodes. A truly unrestricted celebration of the principles that lie at the heart of The Henry Stickmin. Based on such strange game goals, the game interface is also built. There is an error counter – it’s easy to find out how many failures have not yet been implemented in a particular episode. There is a map – all the moments and choices are indicated on it, and, what is especially important, any single moment can be played again, simply by running it.

Some of the game moments, by the way, are a kind of QTE: the time counter does not give the luxury of thinking, but this is not necessary here. There are especially enchanting achievements – although without them there is a lot of fun and humor in the game. Strictly speaking, for the sake of them the project was once started – and it’s great that it again made itself known after so many years. You won’t be bored for a single minute, and the events unfolding on the screen will fully grab your attention despite their plain design and the absence of any colorful, realistic visual effects.

Just like before, you will head out on a series of tasks following another crazy plan of the main hero. And just like before, you will often end up in a fix and you will have to improvise figuring out how to get things straight on the go. You can interact with various objects that you are going to find on the map and every time you will be given a choice of what to do next. There are several options for each part of the gameplay and it’s highly fascinating to explore them all. Depending on that, the game can have quite different endings! Enjoy playing The Henry Stickmin Collection 2 online and see what features and new missions the developers have added this time!

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