The Henry Stickmin Collection 2021

If you are a fan of the restless and ubiquitous Henry Stickman, then we have good news for you: the Henry Stickman Collection 2021 has been released, in which you are invited to play five mini-games with a different storyline, the main character of which, of course, is everyone’s beloved and inimitable little man made of sticks!

What is he up to now? In the hometown of Stickman, an exhibition is being held, organized by the mayor, who decided to show the residents a huge diamond valued by jewelers at $ 12 million. Henry is just broke and without hesitation, he begins to develop a plan to steal the jewel. He figured it out and picked up a couple of three different ways. Help him make his final choice. Everything needs to be done quickly, as imperceptibly as possible, and as soon as the diamond is in the hands of Stickman, you need to have time to escape before the guards rushed in pursuit. We wish you to succeed in every assignment!

Robbing banks is fun, but sometimes you have to serve the community as well. And now the brave Henry receives a secret mission from the special services: to infiltrate the airship and take over control. Moreover, do it as quickly as possible without getting caught. As always, you will have several different ways to achieve your goal, you just need to choose the most correct one. Check your intuition to see if you can get it right the first time. Remember that often the method that seems the most reasonable to you can work exactly the opposite in practice. Try the latest edition of The Henry Stickmin Collection and have fun!

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