Henry Stickmin Distraction Dance

Are you tired of your daily routine? Does your life feel boring right now? You have a chance to fill it with bright emotions in the company of Henry Stickmin! Together you will try to complete several daring missions and you will have to make decisions in the process that might chance the outcome of the entire game! And it’s going to be a riveting experience!

As you might guess from the intro, this game also works like an interactive story. There is some kind of a situation and the player is given a choice (sometimes with a time limit of choice) how to solve this problem. Each of the options leads to some kind of result. For the most part, these are very funny results that lead to defeat, after which the game takes you back to choice. But with the “correct” choice (and sometimes he is not the only one), the game continues on, and each such correct option turns out to be a completely separate branch of history, with its own events and ending.

Fortunately, every game / chapter of the collection has a “map” that you can use to quickly jump between almost every choice to see all the options. The game is insanely stupid, full of niche jokes, memes (many of which are very old, because the series began in 2008), references to games and movies. But at the same time, all this nonsense pleases. Perhaps because usually all these memes and references are used in order to build a joke in the game, and not just throw themselves in the face of the player, expecting that their mere presence is enough to laugh.

Even the story, which is also very stupid, takes itself quite seriously. So serious, in fact, that this final chapter that was created for the collection begins with choosing which of the sets of endings you got in past games. As a result, you have a huge number of starting points, each of which brings the story to a logical conclusion, with full arcs for both the general story and the characters. Plunge into the incredible adventures of Henry Stickmin and get your dose of positive emotions for today!

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