For Two

When you have to find a way out of a difficult situation and cope with some kind of danger, it is very difficult to do it yourself. And then you need the help of a reliable friend more than ever. That’s why we added Henry Stickmin for two to the site! It can be played together, going through all the tasks together and helping each other when things get out of control. So invite your friend and get started!

In each of the games, you are offered to choose the most suitable option in your opinion for the implementation of what Henry Stickmin has planned. You must decide exactly which subject you need to use in order for the business to be crowned with success. At first glance, all methods are good, but is it really so? Try one and you might be a little confused. But one way or another, one of them will eventually lead you to your goal.

True, the triumph will turn out to last just a second, as you will soon be taken to a prison cell. But Stickmin would not have been himself if he had meekly awaited the trial, sitting behind bars. He had already made an agreement with his friends in the wild and they sent him a whole set of different tools. Help him choose the ones that will help him get free without attracting much attention to himself. After choosing one of the tools, see if you succeeded in guessing. There are plenty of other amazing adventures waiting for you and your friend in this wonderful game! So start playing this very moment!

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