Henry Stickmin FNF

There are so many strange places we’ve been to in the Friday Night Funkin games! Ever since Boyfriend dedicated himself to a career in music, he and Girlfriend have been constantly traveling to different locations, meeting new characters with whom to fight in a rap battle. Sometimes it can be fun, sometimes even dangerous. But every time is incredibly exciting. Today our heroes will meet such a famous computer game hero as Henry Stickmin. This will be a show! So let’s get started soon!

As you probably know, Henry Stickmin is a restless and adventurous character. He constantly gets involved in different stories. Then it occurs to him to rob a bank and he tries all possible methods for this, including undermining and blowing up the wall with dynamite. And of course, not all of his attempts are crowned with success. If you have already played Henry Stickmin, then many times you have witnessed how he was bombarded with fragments of stone or he hit a gas pipe with a shovel and exploded in colorful fireworks. But fortunately, in these games you have several attempts and options for the development of events. Therefore, if one of them fails, you can always try another one.

But in the music battle with Henry Stickmin there will be only three rounds on the stage. And you need to try your best to gain the required number of points and not lose health. The gameplay has remained standard for FNF games. On the screen, you’ll see Boyfriend on one side and Henry Stickmin on the other. Music will begin to play, and arrows will float above the character pointing in different directions. They correspond to the keys that must be pressed in time with the song. If you miss notes or hit the wrong keys, you won’t earn points. Moreover, your health scale will decrease. So you have to be very attentive and listen to the beat carefully.

At the same time, every hit will surely increase your score. Nearby you can see your opponent’s progress bar. This helps you to navigate during the performance, in order to understand if you need to tighten up or you can relax. It also depends on the chosen difficulty level. Depending on this, the rhythmic pattern of the songs will differ, as will their speed. It will be more difficult for you to hit the keys on time, so of course you need some experience to move to a higher level. Start typing it right now by playing Henry Stickmin FNF online!

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