The Henry Stickmin Collection Mobile

The Henry Stickmin Collection is a re-release of the legendary browser games that were popular many years ago. The project was released on the Flash player, and now the developers have completely reworked the episodes, updated the engine, graphics and released it as a collection. The name of the main character is indicated in the very title of this game. The plot of the project tells about the life of Henry Stickman. His biography and background are unknown, and at the beginning of the passage you only know that this character is very fond of gold, wealth. The collection of episodes tells about the next adventure of the hero, which begins with a robbery and entails a series of unpleasant and incredible events.

The collection contains a prologue and 5 episodes in order of the release of the original parts:
Bank attack. Henry finds himself at the entrance to the bank. He must get inside the building with the help of improvised means and objects around him. It all starts with the jail break. The bank robbery fails, and the main character goes to jail. With the help of conversations with guards and bribery, it is necessary to achieve a release from prison. Stealing a diamond. After leaving prison, Henry finds himself at the bottom of poverty. By chance, on TV, he learns that there is an expensive diamond in a local bank. The hero goes to work again.

Then comes the helicopter interception. But the character again fails to carry out his plan. He is caught by the military, with whom it is necessary either to negotiate or outwit them. After another escape, Henry is drawn into political games. He can agree to support the government or ruin their plans. Each episode differs from the others in puzzles, characters and the number of choices that lead to different endings (mission success or failure). The gameplay consists in passing screens, on each of which interactive points are placed. You must carefully find all the items, guess their purpose and put them into practice. Sometimes it will take several tries to find the right combination of actions and solutions. Start playing The Henry Stickmin Collection online and enjoy every minute of it!

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