Henry Stickmin Update

Are you ready to discover something new about our good old friend Henry Stickmin? He’s setting out on another round of wild adventures again and he’s going to need your help! Here you will have the opportunity to try yourself in six games that have independent endings. In each of them you can choose one of the available paths of passage, if you wish, Charles will come to your aid, or you will get access to a teleport. And here everything will completely depend on your choice.

If it is done correctly, then the development of the plot will receive its logical continuation, but if you go down the wrong path, you will inevitably fail. Sometimes, when making a choice of a solution, you will come across the fact that a seemingly correct and completely logical continuation, in fact, will lead to a dead end. And this was done on purpose, to add unpredictability to the game, to confuse and make fans think outside the box.

Now let’s try experimenting and go through all six directions step by step. The first task that your hero will face is penetration into the bank’s vault. To do this, your character will have several tools that you can use, such as a shovel, explosives, a laser, an excavator with a metal core. But in fact, none of them will give you the opportunity to safely be on the territory of the bank. And even if your hero is tricked into a car, bypassing security, it will still lead him to a prison cell. And in the end, your ward will have only one way out, to make a swift escape from prison.

Even hitting the airship does not promise your character a guaranteed salvation; on board it will also have to solve many intricate puzzles. The presence of agents of the pursuit service on board, which will not give the hero a quiet life, will especially complicate the task. As a result, as a result of unfortunate accidents, the aircraft will crash in the middle of the desert, where military units will already be waiting. Will you be able to cope with all the troubles? Let’s see!

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