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Have you been waiting for a big new gaming release? A complete set of classic adventures of the hand-drawn man is waiting for you in the game Henry Stickman: The Collection! Now you don’t need to search for separate parts of this fascinating saga, they are all gathered here. In addition to the story stories and quests you already know, there is also a new, final story, the passage of which will take twice as long. Are you ready to begin?

Make choices and don’t be afraid to fail!

The peculiarity of Henry Stickmin games is their lightness and simplicity. You have to go through many interesting situations with the main character, and help him make the right choice: the appearance of a teleport or Charles’ friend to help. Any decision of the player can lead to the failure of the mission. The more interesting it is to go through all the levels and locations of The Henry Stickmin Collection, trying to figure out how to act in different situations. Of course, most of the times you can’t do that logically because there is barely any logic in the game – it’s largely a question of luck and curiosity.

Is there any kind of trouble this hand-drawn character didn’t get into? This game contains all his adventures and stories. You have to relive amazing events together with the main character, and every turn of those events can be quite sudden depending on your decisions. The controls are standard: use the mouse to select the object to be activated. Think carefully before making a choice. The correct option at first glance can lead to unexpected consequences. If your hero is in front of a wall, he needs to figure out how to play next. A shovel for digging, explosives, a laser missile, a destruction machine, money and a teleport will appear on the screen. What will you choose from such a set? Click and watch what comes out of it.

Embark on wild adventures together with Henry Stickmin!

The Henry Stickmin Collection combines all the previous parts and a new adventure – the final one. A lot of excitement awaits you with our hero: escape from the complex and prison, rob a bank, steal diamonds, travel in an airship. You will have to choose which way to go, where to turn, whether to try and jump out of the window or sneak through the vent system by dragging a chair to the table and climbing onto it. But what if the chair breaks and you end up falling, making a lot of noise and alerting the guards? There are so many options and the replayability of the game lies in trying them all. Besides, that’s a great way to earn achievements that also include getting different endings.

And the final episode of the game will especially delight fans of the series: it takes more time to complete and will give gamers real thrill. This collection of games will certainly cheer you up: the funny man is already waiting there, on the screen, when you join him. Play The Henry Sticking Collection online right now, plunge into the madness that will be unfolding before your eyes and enjoy every minute spent with this amazing character!

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