Henry Stickmin Charles

When it comes to Henry Stickmin games, everyone knows the main hero. But not everyone remembers about Charles although Henry can always call him for help. He also participates in three of the Stickmin games playing a direct and very important part in the process. As you can see, there is no reason to underestimate him. So what do we know about this character and what exactly is he doing during the whole series of these adventures?

First of all, he isn’t a very bright fellow. He prefers a straightforward blatant approach to everything. In most situations, his advice is to get into a helicopter and steer it right into the enemies. He also doesn’t shoot very well. There is a mission in which he destroys all the doors except the only one he was supposed to and kills Henry in the process. But still he is a nice guy and Stickmin appreciates his friendly support. Despite the fact that most failures stem from his erratic behavior when he is trying to help Henry, he increases the degree of craziness and that’s what most people play Henry Stickmin for.

The first mission where he appears in the game is Infiltrating the Airship. He is the pilot of the helicopter that takes Henry to the mission. He also gives him an earplug and instructs him how to move around the airship. Since Charles is fascinated with all sorts of gadgets, he often uses them to solve various problems that arise during the passage. For instance, when Henry needs to cross a huge abyss, he sends a mechanical robot to help him. He also uses one of the devices he has at his disposals to melt the bones of a dead officers and create a key that can let them in.

Charles also makes an appearance in all of the variations of Completing the Mission. This is a game where you will be meeting this character most often. Regardless of how the scenario goes, Charles is helping Henry in most cases. However, in one of the alternative endings, he also appears as his enemy. This happens in ‘Rapidly Promoted Executive.’ Otherwise, he is rather friendly towards Stickmin. Learn more about Charles and have fun in his company playing this great collection of games online!

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