The Henry Stickmin Collection

How often, while playing, did you get annoyed with yourself for making the wrong decision from among the proposed ones? How often did they bite their elbows because they wanted to do one thing, but did another, although, as it turned out later, the initial inspiration was correct? Often, huh? Usually, isn’t it? But there are exceptions to any rule. The Henry Stickmin Collection is one of those. This game will force you to act even obviously wrong, and then – to grumble from the sad consequences. Does the error counter tell me that I haven’t selected all the possible ones yet? Well then… the party goes on!

Who is Henry Stickmin? In short, a reckless adventurer thief: if he doesn’t go to work, he tries to get out of prison. He never has a clear plan of action, so each game episode at any moment is an improvisation. You can go through in different ways, and most importantly, in the end we will come to completely different endings. However, most of the storylines are developed independently at the very beginning of a particular episode.

It naturally depends on the choice we have made: how to enter the museum in order to steal the diamond, or how to leave the prison cell, and whether or not later return for the unfortunate inmate. But in the future, the story will constantly put us before a choice, because the very concept of The Henry Stickmin is to choose over and over again actions from among the proposed, even such a simple one, for which column to turn while fleeing along the corridor from the guards. However, in most cases, our choice, and any, otherwise as a form of madness and you can not call it!

Teleport or use some other advanced gadget, such as a matter disintegrator, and with a high probability of being stuck with all its molecules in the wall. Summon a mech-robot or even the firepower of an orbiting space station, or even aliens for help, or modestly limit yourself to the help of a foolish pilot. Jumping over the hole in the floor, putting on jumpers, or taking a risk and do without such special equipment? Failure in the game pleases no less than luck, and the right decision may turn out to be absurd to the point of cretinism and will certainly be chosen after going through the options, from the point of view of reason, more changeable. Start playing The Henry Stickmin Collection right now and enjoy every minute of his crazy adventures!

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