The Henry Stickmin Collection Minecraft

What are some of the most distinguished features of Minecraft? First of all, the iconic cubic graphics that can be recognized immediately. And secondly, the variety of games that have been ported to the sandbox making the pixel world even more versatile and fun. One of them is The Henry Stickmin Collection that is now available in Minecraft! It hasn’t even changed that much visually, since the design was just as simple as a couple of hand-drawn sticks before. However, it’s still a little different experience, so you should definitely try it if you’re a fan of both Stickmin and Minecraft!

The gameplay consists in trying various alternative ways of dealing with a certain situation. The first episode is about robbing a bank. You can use several different tools for that, and each of them will lead to a certain outcome. There is no way to guess which of the methods will work out, you just have to try them and see where it leads. If you try blowing the bank wall up with a dynamite and explode yourself, don’t worry, that just means dynamite isn’t your best shot. Or maybe you didn’t lay it in the right place. In any case, you still have a shovel that you can use to dig a tunnel. And there are plenty of other, even more creative and unexpected ways to achieve your goal.

Of course, that doesn’t erase the possibility that you’ll be caught by the police. But hey, that’s yet another amazing adventure because now you have a chance to break out of it! And once again, you will have plentiful options to try. First of all, you need to choose whether to get out of the window or pick the door lock. Or maybe you can sneak out through the ventilation system. Depending on the initial direction you select, you will have to make other choice as well as you follow your path. And every time the runout will be different, so Henry Stickmin is highly replayable.

You will even get to work for the government that started paying attention to you and decided to use you for a top secret mission! It’s your chance to cut the career of a criminal and get on the righteous way serving your country. But of course, that’s not about Henry because he is a gambler at heart and he is always attracted by another possibility of trying his luck. For instance, in stealing the most experience diamond from a jewelry exhibition. There will be no shortage of tough and funny situations for you to participate in playing The Henry Stickmin Collection Minecraft! Let’s begin!

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